Chris Jordan Father of Daniel Jordan U11 Thursday 8-1-15

Ben, Happy New Year! Dan will be coming with Jamil's mum tonight. I just wanted to say thanks for the training you do. He got a hat trick, did a 40 yard run last match dribbled thru everyone no one could tackle or catch him  and I know that's down to futsal!👍

Sean Cambelle Father of Marcel U10 & Mika U5 22/6/2014

"Great to see the English game is now adopting the Futsal techniques which the rest of the world have been deploying within their development ranks for a long time I have watched Ben and his team work with my boy and his team-mates and I would recommend this Futsal class to any parent who wishes their child to improve balance, dexterity and ball mastering ability for their young starlet!"

CAFC U10s Coach Dayo Parents Feedback Saturday 14/6/2014

"I thought it was great. Boys were kept moving 
and moved from 1 thing to the next efficiently so they didn't get bored or distracted"

"I particularly liked when (this is of the other coach as he was closer to me) would stop and not just tell the boy what they should have done but physically move them with him.
and then let them try again. I was only supposed to stay 10mins as had to go to work, but was riveted and stayed for the lot! "

"'R enjoyed it a lot! I think it will be very useful.
As sure it'll improve their skills, pace + general fitness. R is already looking forward to next week. A'"

"My wife was very impressed with the training today;
She said it was very professional. H also said he enjoyed it which is most important'"

"'W really enjoyed Futsal today and I enjoyed watching the boys'."

"'Dayo, the boys seemed to enjoy the Futsal, it was well organised too'."

Mason`s Dad CAFC U11: Thursday 20/11/14

" I will be enroling for more sessions this week as i need Masons confidence and Technique to grow and i think you are doing fantastic job doing that for him"

Callum Ferguson's Parents CAFC U11:Thursday 13/11/14

"thanks Ben he is learning a lot from you"

Sonney Cooper`s Parents CAFC U7:Thursday 13/11/14

"Sonney is really enjoying Futsal and is already using the skills that he picked up in matches"

Archie`s Parents U7: Thursday 13/11/14

"yes we will be doing more sessions Archie is really Enjoying Futsal"

Jamil U12 & Rehan U7`s mum Patricia Mitchelle: Tuesday 25/11/14

"Rehan is definitely enjoying his training with you. He was dragging me over to speak to you last week to get some feedback from you on his performance (obviously keen to impress you!) – but you were busy prepping for your next session.


I’m really pleased to hear he’s got your attention though Ben, you’re a man of great expertise and skill and you come across a plethora of children in your field, so for Rehan to stand out is a very special something!


Let’s see if we can catch up on Thursday.


Enjoy the rest of your day"